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Adatbázis riport

It combines static reports (based on JasperReports), a Swing pivot table for OLAP analysis, and charts (based on JFreeChart). It reads from many data sources as SQL, Excel, XML, and others, and produces many outputs as PDF, XML, and application specific files for later off-line visualization of reports.

PHP Report Maker
PHP Report Maker is a powerful reporting tool that can generate dynamic PHP Web reports from MySQL database. You can instantly create live detail and summary reports or crosstabs reports for your Websites. Flash charting (column, bar, line, pie, area, doughnut, multi-series and stacked charts) is also supported. PHP Report Maker is designed for high flexibility, numerous options enable you to generate the reports that best suits your needs. The generated codes are clean and easy-to-customize. PHP Report Maker can save you tons of time and is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers alike.

Grid példák

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Diagramok a weben


Visifire is a set of data visualization components powered by Microsoft Silverlight. It lets you create and embed visually stunning animated Silverlight Charts within minutes. Visifire is easy to use and independent of the server side technology. It can be used with ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, or just simple HTML. Visifire's unique features are visually stunning animated charts, the ability to be embedded into any Web page in minutes, a tiny footprint (140 KB), and enterprise grade features.



FusionCharts v3 helps you create animated and interactive Flash charts for web and desktop applications. It livens up your applications by converting monotonous data into exciting visuals.

FusionCharts can be integrated with a myriad of web technologies like ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, Python or even simple HTML pages. It works with all databases including MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CSV or even legacy data storage.

FusionCharts offers over 45 types of 2D/3D charts including line, area, bar, column, pie, doughnut (donut), combination, scatter, bubble, scroll charts etc. The functional and cosmetic aspects of each chart can be extensively customized using the XML API exposed by FusionCharts. You do not need to know anything about Flash™ to use FusionCharts.


MySql backup script

Egy jó kis MySql backup script:


A script to take daily, weekly and monthly backups of your MySQL databases using mysqldump. Features - Backup mutiple databases - Single backup file or to a seperate file for each DB - Compress backup files - Backup remote servers - E-mail logs - More..

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Multiple Condition/criteria sum function for excel

Forrás: http://www.ozgrid.com/VBA/sum-multi-criteria.htm

Function SumByCriteria(Sum_Range As Range, Criteria1, Criteria1Range As Range, _
Criteria2, Criteria2Range As Range, Optional Criteria3, _
Optional Criteria3Range As Range, Optional Criteria4, _
Optional Criteria4Range As Range, Optional Criteria5, _
Optional Criteria5Range As Range) As Long

Dim lLoopStop As Long, lLoop As Long, rRange As Range, lRow As Long
Dim sTotal As Single, bVal1 As Boolean, bVal2 As Boolean, bVal3 As Boolean
Dim bVal4 As Boolean, bVal5 As Boolean, bVal1b As Boolean, bVal2b As Boolean, bVal3b As Boolean
Dim bVal4b As Boolean, bVal5b As Boolean, lCriteriaUsed As Long

'''''''''''''''Written by ozgrid.com''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
'Sums Values in Sum_Range when up to 5 conditions are met in corresponding cells.
'All ranges used should as small as possible for efficieny

lLoopStop = WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Criteria1Range, Criteria1)

bVal3 = Not Criteria3Range Is Nothing
bVal4 = Not Criteria4Range Is Nothing
bVal5 = Not Criteria5Range Is Nothing

If bVal5 = False Then lCriteriaUsed = 4
If bVal4 = False Then lCriteriaUsed = 3
If bVal3 = False Then lCriteriaUsed = 2

Set rRange = Criteria1Range(1, 1)
For lLoop = 1 To lLoopStop

Set rRange = Criteria1Range.Find(Criteria1, rRange, _
xlFormulas, xlWhole, xlByRows, xlNext, False)

lRow = rRange.Row

If bVal5 = True Then bVal5b = Criteria5Range(lRow, 1) = Criteria5
If bVal4 = True Then bVal4b = Criteria4Range(lRow, 1) = Criteria4
If bVal3 = True Then bVal3b = Criteria3Range(lRow, 1) = Criteria3
bVal2b = Criteria2Range(lRow, 1) = Criteria2
bVal1b = Criteria1Range(lRow, 1) = Criteria1

If lCriteriaUsed > 4 Then
If bVal5b And bVal4b And bVal3b And bVal2 And bVal1b Then
sTotal = WorksheetFunction.Sum(Sum_Range(lRow, 1), sTotal)
End If
ElseIf lCriteriaUsed > 3 Then
If bVal4b And bVal3b And bVal2b And bVal1b Then
sTotal = WorksheetFunction.Sum(Sum_Range(lRow, 1), sTotal)
End If
ElseIf lCriteriaUsed > 2 Then
If bVal3b And bVal2 And bVal1b Then
sTotal = WorksheetFunction.Sum(Sum_Range(lRow, 1), sTotal)
End If
ElseIf bVal2b And bVal1b Then
sTotal = WorksheetFunction.Sum(Sum_Range(lRow, 1), sTotal)
End If

Next lLoop
SumByCriteria = sTotal
End Function

Example usage;


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Excel: dupla kattintás letiltása

Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)
Application.EditDirectlyInCell = True
Cancel = True 'Cancel the default behaviour
End Sub